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"In Your Mirror" hopes to inspire you by exposing you to the stories of extraordinary people who've enjoyed success and achievement, in the face of adversity.

Each episode, I'll be chatting with someone who's enjoying success in their field, and saying to them, "let's take a look in your mirror".

Each of us has our own story of overcoming adversity.

Getting past those obstacles.

Leaving the past behind us.

In this show, you'll hear how some of the most successful household names of now and the future have overcome their demons to win big in life.

Everyone has a story of how they've looked in their mirror, and then looked back at their past life from the rear view mirror.

My hope is that you listen to these stories, and then feel inspired in some way to model yourself on these guests.

Eventually, maybe you, too, can feel inspired to look back at your past life in your rear view mirror.

"In Your Mirror" is a Podknows Podcasting Network show, produced and hosted by network founder and passionate podcaster, Neal Veglio.


Apr 19, 2021

The chances are, if you're reading this, you're wanting to get some powerful insights into the mindset of a wealthy business owner.

You more than likely want to be a multi-millionaire business owner much like this episode's guest, Brad Sugars.

Without wishing to offer up too many spoilers, Brad is the owner and Chairman of the highly successful international business coaching franchise Action Coach.

The ethos of the company is helping as many business owners as possible to achieve financial freedom, as quickly as possible.

In addition to the work his company does on a wider global scale, Brad himself keeps his coaching 'hand in'.

If you're quick, you'll be able to book on his next Apprentice Billionaire programme and there's also the 30x Success virtual summit.

If you're more of a learning on your own steam kind of person, here's one of Brad's books you can get stuck in to.

Brad loves to connect, so make sure that you do connect with him on Linkedin so you can keep updated on all of his 'Drivetime' content.

In the interests of full transparency, I myself am a client of Action Coach although they haven't paid me for featuring Brad in this episode. 

I just find him and his story fascinating.

If you want to have a free initial chat with my coach, Rob Pickering (I highly recommend him), you can do that here.

Regardless of that, I wanted to get inside the mind of the man who originated so much of the wisdom that's now being distributed to business owners around the world through coaching.

Listen in as I attempt to unlock and unravel all of the success secrets from Brad, and then say to him, "Let's look in your mirror?"....

"In Your Mirror" is a Podknows Podcasting Network Show.

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