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"In Your Mirror" hopes to inspire you by exposing you to the stories of extraordinary people who've enjoyed success and achievement, in the face of adversity.

Each episode, I'll be chatting with someone who's enjoying success in their field, and saying to them, "let's take a look in your mirror".

Each of us has our own story of overcoming adversity.

Getting past those obstacles.

Leaving the past behind us.

In this show, you'll hear how some of the most successful household names of now and the future have overcome their demons to win big in life.

Everyone has a story of how they've looked in their mirror, and then looked back at their past life from the rear view mirror.

My hope is that you listen to these stories, and then feel inspired in some way to model yourself on these guests.

Eventually, maybe you, too, can feel inspired to look back at your past life in your rear view mirror.

"In Your Mirror" is a Podknows Podcasting Network show, produced and hosted by network founder and passionate podcaster, Neal Veglio.


May 10, 2021

If you're someone who likes TV quizzes, you'll know there were two major events that happened last year.

One, was ITV's reenactment of the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" cheating scandal centering around Major Charles Ingram.

The other, was the addition of a new 'chaser'.

Darragh Ennis isn't just any new cast member, though. 

His appointment has a very interesting story behind it.

Darragh has loved quizzes for a long time.

During this episode you'll hear the exclusive story of the previous television appearance that he made.

Yes, I've exercised some detective skills, and found some very rare hidden footage of Darragh Ennis in action before The Chase was even on his radar!

You'll also learn all about Darragh's 'mirror moment'.

Darragh gives us his views on the passion people have for TV quizzes.

He shares with us how he makes his living when he's not on TV and talks about his number one passion - his study of insects at Ilan Davis.

He enlightens us on how he's handled fame.

He also gives us his very honest take on how he's using Twitter

Darragh Ennis appears on "In Your Mirror" with the kind permission of ITV. Catch previous episodes of "The Chase" via the ITV hub.

Audio clips from "The Chase" used under the 'fair use' policy.

"In Your Mirror" is a Podknows Podcasting Network Show.

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